Asia Bizz: After the massive nuclear crisis hit the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan – due to the earthquake followed by a tsunami-  the leakage of the radiations is gradually decreasing. A UN atomic organization said that the release of the radiations will not increase anymore and is under control for now.

After the deadly earthquake and tsunami in March, Japan has been constantly working on the safe shut down of the Daiichi nuclear power plant in Fukushima. On Sunday, the operators of the plant Tokyo Electric Power Company said that they aim to reduce the radiation leaks in three months.

The company also added that they would also achieve the ‘cold shutdown’ in six to nine months. The Fukushima accident has been the world’s worst hit nuclear crisis after the horrifying Chernobyl incident.

Till now, 10 percent of the overall radioactivity has been released, according to the Japanese authorities. Denis Flory, the head of the nuclear safely of the International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) said that the amount will not increase more than this. This has signaled that the worst damage has been done and it cannot get worse than this. Right now the radioactivity is leaking at minute levels, which would is not expected to increase. Flory has said that it is good that the TEPCO has claimed to achieve the cold shut down in six to nine months.

The Japanese economy has been hit badly by the earthquake-tsunami and following nuclear crisis, but slowly the economy is showing signs of recovery.


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