Asia Bizz: After the revised immigration law, thirteen Korean adoptees on Tuesday, got back their South Korean citizenship. The citizens did not even have to lose their foreign nationality. This is first case after the new revised immigration law was applied.

13 adoptees including a 43 year old man Kim Dae-won, who was adopted by Switzerland citizens, were allowed double citizenship according to the Justice Ministry. Kim was five years old when he was adopted by his family.

The revised law came in to effect on 1st Jan 2011. According to the new immigration law, foreign individuals can have multiple citizenships, which also include people, who have valued expertise. The right to multiple citizenship is also available to those, who were adopted at an early age by foreign nationals.

However, the individuals would be given the privilege only of the citizens take a vow that they would not try to exercise their foreign rights, while they are residing in South Korea. Earlier the South Korean government had rules, which would give the citizens with two nationalities a choice to choose one nationality after they turn 22 years of age. Or else they would lose their Korean citizenship automatically. According to the ministry, the adoptees have a right to get their Korean nationality back as they were adopted.


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