Asia Bizz: Till now mobile phones manufacturer, Motorola had been accused of not bringing anything innovative to the market in its products. It has always been a step behind from South Korean company Samsung and HTC.

But now Motorola with the release of Atrix has been constantly stressing over its unique feature, which has not been seen in any of the smart phones. The product introduces a unique built in finger print reader, which can also be used as a power button.

Though biometrics is now a common phenomenon, and has been seen almost everywhere, but such a feature wasn’t till now seen in individual products. Not many know that the finger print technology has been introduced in many of the laptops.

Motorola has also stresses over another feature that challenges the difference between a smartphone and a laptop, is the multimedia dock accessory. The feature helps the user to connect the phone to a TV. The phone has an operating system which is linux based and begs to be different from Android. The gadget allows the user to surf on the web. Then introduction of the new gadget in the market may definitely put the gadget crazy people in a dilemma whether they need a separate laptop or not.


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