Asia Bizz: Apple Inc. announced that they have released their new line-up of desktop computers with a few upgrades which range from faster processors, a newer data port and also high-resolution cameras.

The previous generation of iMacs had dual core processors, and now Apple has upgraded the iMacs with Intel quad-core processors and have assured iMacs to be 70% faster than the older versions of iMacs.

The new iMac of 21.5 inches, comes with one Thunderbolt port, and these ports are around 20 times faster than the currently used USB ports. These Thunderbolt ports can also be used to connect to extra monitors. On the other hand, the bigger 27-inches iMac – which is 68.58 cms – comes with a standard two Thunderbolt port.

Intel Corporation developed Thunderbolt ports and Apple introduced them in their computers in the month of February on their MacBook pro laptops. The last time Apple upgraded the iMacs was in October 2009.

The Apple iMac – which is 21.5 inches – comes at a price tag of $1,199, while the 27-inch iMac starts at $1699.


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