Asia Bizz: In some good news for those who are tired of the bulk created by your cell phone in your pocket, researchers in Canada have invented the first smart phone that can be bent. The unique invention was made by the researchers at Queen’s University in Canada.

The makers of the smart phone have named it Paper Phone and have only created a prototype as for now. Roel Vertegaal, the creator of the phone has said that such phones may become common in near future.

Roel said that till now there have been three revolutions in terms of display. The first was CRT, the second was LCD and the third is flexible displays, said Roel. The researchers have used the technology of E Ink, which is also used in Barnes & Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle.

The creator had realized that the E Ink could be easily made flexible but could only be used in rigid devices. So in order to do something out of the box, the makers went on to make the Paper Phone. Vertegaal said that the best thing about the book is that one can crack the spine and turn to pages. The user has to just press the thumb a little downward.


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