Asia Bizz: One of the most popular internet-calling service companies in the world, Skype, will reportedly be acquired by Microsoft for a whopping $8.5 billion. Both companies announced the news in their respective statements and now Microsoft is ready to serve 663 million customers that Skype has created over the years.

Skype is based out of Luxembourg and the decision was made by the directors of both companies. This huge takeover by Microsoft will help them attract some more internet users and in-turn reduce the market for Google, who tops the list especially because of their search service.

This is also the largest spent by Microsoft, which surpasses the previous amount of $6 billion when they acquired AQuantive Inc in the year 2007.

Microsoft is the number one software maker in the world and is looking forward to capture the internet market as well. Microsoft is going hard on what it takes for them to get more market share from the online internet and by acquiring Skype, they have just gone a step ahead.


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