Avatar may be the biggest movie but unfortunately it is not the best movie. We are expecting something big and the best it is big but not the best Movie from the James Camron and it look like movie is just to make to highlight the money power of the Hollywood movie maker.


The revolutionary motion-capture system created for the film allows the facial expressions of actors to be captured as a virtual camera system enables them to see what their computer-generated counterparts will be seeing in the film, and Peter Jackson’s Oscar-winning Weta Digital visual-effects house has been hired to supervise Avatar’s complex visual effects.

On the visual level it is of the best movie till date but this movie didn’t touch the right cord where Titanic has gone

Coming to the story: A paraplegic ex-marine war veteran is unwillingly sent to establish a human settlement on the distant planet of Pandora, only to find him battling humankind alongside the planet’s indigenous Navi race in this ambitious digital 3-D sci-fi epic from Academy Award-winning Titanic director James Cameron.

In order to capture Pandora’s land, one has to be able to breathe its air and thus become one of the Na’vis. Scientists thus create these genetically-bred human-Na’vi hybrids known as Avatars. The Avatars have a Na-vi body and a human DNA. Jake becomes one such Avatar…human kind’s weapon to make truce with Na’vis and thus force them to evacuate their planet. As Jake starts shuttling between his human and Na’vi body, he starts getting emotionally attached to Pandora and there begins the conflict between his medium of existence.

Avatar begins well, drags tremendously in between and then picks up on its pace towards the climax, but its too late by then. Titanic oozed romance and we loved it but the setting of Avatar didn’t require romance as its prime ingredient. This wrong move of Cameron transforms a sci-fi ‘Avatar’ into a highly clichéd run-of-the-mill dramatic love story set against a war backdrop.

The movie story similar to any bollywood masala movie and nothing new in it. The film is a visual delight, but lacks an original plot. This visual treat doesn’t make up for the weak storyline.

Avatar released on Dec 18 2009 all over the world.

The film is released in 2D and 3D formats, along with an IMAX 3D release in selected theaters.

The film is being touted as a breakthrough in terms of filmmaking technology, for its development of 3D viewing and stereoscopic filmmaking with cameras that were specially designed for the film’s production.

Cast: Sam Worthington, Siqourney Weaver, Zoe Saldana
Direction: James Cameron
Genre: Sci-Fi
Rating: 3.5/5


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