Asia Bizz: After the PlayStation network being shut by Sony for almost a month due to the massive security breach that hampered services all across the Unites States and Europe, the company has begun to start restoring its services across its network.

The operations until the service will be fully restored will be limited to online gaming, music streaming and chat. Sony has said that they will complete the entire restoration by the end of May.

The PlayStation server is being shared by Sony’s music community and its Qriocity movie service, all of these were affected and now Sony has begun restoring them.

The service will also restore to a limited access in countries like Canada, Middle East, New Zealand and Australia. Sony has also said that they will start restoring its service in Asia soon.

The hacker attack has left Sony’s online gaming service shut since the 20th of April and they are working on making its service back to normal as soon as possible, as this will be a bad block for its loyal customer worldwide.

The hack has left people stunned as credit card numbers as well as a lot of personal data could have been stolen, but as for now no reports have been made of any information used illegally.


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