Asia Bizz: Korean electronic giant, Samsung has recently announced new TV application that will allow the users to view the 3D videos through their television. The announcement was made in order to improve the sales of their 3D TVs.

The application is expected to be launched in the upcoming months and will be known as Explore 3D. The owners of the 3D televisions, will be allowed to have an access to several 3D clips and movies also.

The users will be treated with high definition videos and the application also promises to offer a variety of catalogues, which will have some new content. However, Samsung has said that the service will be initially launched in UK, France, Spain and Germany and later in Asia.

The services will also be introduced in the other parts of the Europe. For now only 10 movies will be available at the launch, but the company has assured that it will be expanding to make available 70 free 3D videos before 2011 ends. Apart from Explore 3D, Samsung also announced its upcoming 3D entertainment pack. The pack will have two pairs of 3D Bluetooth glasses.