Asia Bizz: Looking at the increasing chances of the cyber attacks, the programmers are now on their edge to find new solutions to protect the computer systems against a virus attacks. However, in spite of finding new ways to protect the computers, it some how finds a way to crash the systems.

After repeated attempts, a new system is now being developed in which the intelligence of digital ants will be used. Ants are known to protect their colonies. And if there is a threat to their colony, then the other ants come in to the rescue to deal with the enemies.

A team in Wake Forest University in North Carolina along with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is now using this intelligence of the ants to protect the systems. An army of digital ants is now being trained by Errin Fulp, who is a professor of computer science at the Wake Forest University.

These ants when left in the power grid would deal with the computer viruses, who are trying to turn down the system. If the experiment proves successful, then it would be useful for protecting the water and sewage management systems, manufacturing systems and even mass transit systems, which are connected to the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition.


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