Asia Bizz: Software maker Microsoft has given a slight idea of the Windows 8 operating system. The sneak peak of the operating system was disclosed at the D9 conference held in South California.

The company has been slowly introducing the Windows 8 in public since two days. The new look of the Windows 8 will be totally different from the earlier versions of the

operating systems. The Windows 8 for the mobile devices looks very similar to the OS for the smart phones called Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft has said that the OS will be launched for the traditional PCs as well as for the tablet platforms. Windows 8 has assured some freshness in the operating systems that can be used for the different devices.

Earlier this year, it was announced by the company that some of the versions of the OS will be using standard Intel chips, while the others meant for the tablets and mobiles will work on ARM Technology. The special gadgets, tablets and other gadgets will be able to get their own version of Windows 8. The operating system is scheduled to release by 2012, which has made the release gap between Windows 7 and windows 8 shorter that that of Vista and Windows 7.


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