Asia Bizz: The biggest internet rivals of the world have joined hands to improvise search results on the Internet. Google has collaborated with giants Yahoo and Microsoft for a project called The new project will help in improvising the search results on the web.

The three giants have launched the site , which have common HTML tags, which are used by the webmasters to look in to the structured data in to the site. The announcement was madeby Google on its blog on Thursday that the new initiative will support a common vocabulary on the web pages.

The new initiative will help the site owners to learn about the structured data, so that their sites can appear on the big search engines. The aims in providing the website owners with mark up for their pages.

Usually, the sites are generated from the structured data, which is stored in the database. But when the structured data is converted in to HTML format, then the tracing of the original structured data becomes difficult. The search engines would now be able to have access to the original structured data. In the year 2006, the trio had come together to make that had helped to improvise the sitemap protocol.


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