Asia Bizz: In case if you are in search of a gaming laptop in the market, then do consider the new glasses free 3D laptop from ASUS. ASUS has become the first in the world to introduce a 3D laptop that does not need any usage of 3D glasses.

The technology used by Asus Republic of Gamers G53SX, involves a procedure that converts 2D visuals in to 3D. However, no plans have been revealed by the company regarding its price and release date.

As for now its has just been revealed that one of the features of the laptop includes ‘Mixed Mode’. The mixed mode is where the laptop displays two windows at a same time. One window will display the image in 2D and the another window will display the same image video or the game in 3D.

The unique laptop has been equipped with Intel Core i7 CPU along with a Z68 mother board and a GeForce 560M graphics chip. The new technology has created a curiosity among the gamers, who are waiting anxiously for the details of its release and pricing. The ASUS laptop is expected to totally turn around the world of 3D gaming. But the expectations should not end up in disappointment of the followers.