Asia Bizz: The CEO of the phone manufacturing giant Apple, Steve Jobs on Monday announced the latest operating system Lion for the iPad. The CEO also announced the iCloud cloud computing, apart from iOS 5 the operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The latest iOS has features of an integrated Twitter client with camera, browser Safari, maps and pictures. The operating system will allow the users of iPad and iPhone to edit their pictures within the device itself .

However, the most drastic and revolutionary changes have been brought in iCloud. According to the company, the iCloud will be a replacement for the MobileMe, which used to allow the user to sync the mails, contacts and calendar with a virtual hard disk.

iCloud will also allow the user to sync the documents, apps, photos and music along with the contact and mails. The users will now be able to use apps, which are purchased on iPhone and iPad and can even store them incase if anything goes wrong. The iCloud will also allow the users to sync the iTunes music library with several running devices. The user can now do multiple downloads for no charge. A new iMessage service has also been introduced by Apple for its devices.


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