Asia Bizz: After the Indian automobile manufacturer Tata Motors kept their promise of giving the consumers the cheapest car, Tata Nano , criticisms had closely followed after certain unfortunate incidents. Reports state that certain fire-catching incidents were reported in the small car by a few Nano owners in the past few months.

The reports had raised the question on the credibility of Nano, and whether the car was worthy to withstand the Indian roads. However, the company is now working on a new design which will make the tiny car fire-proof.

According to the experts, the main reason that the car caught fire was because of the position of the engine. The experts added that the petrol engine could not cool itself as it was placed at the rear part of the car.

This in turn retains the heat that had generated and the chances of catching fire increased drastically. The new Nano will have a radiator at the front portion which would help in cooling down the rear engine. The car will also get a new shield as the earlier version did not have a proper shield which used to generate heat of more than 800C.

Despite several incidents, the company continued to sell the car to its customers, but a recent incident in Vadodara, Indian, had forced the company to take some serious actions.


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