Asia Bizz: SilkAir, Singapore Airline’s regional airlines, will operate a new carrier to India on the 4th of July which will be landing at Kolkata, India. SilkAir has announced that a service that will be operating flights from India to Singapore thrice a week.

From the 4th of July, the new flights will be operated between Kolkata and Singapore every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. On 4th July, the SilkAir will touch Kolkata at 10:35pm and will again take off at 11:50 pm, and will be utilizing the slot that is used by Singapore Airlines.

The fares on SilkAir are likely to be 15 to 20% lower than Singapore Airlines. Currently, the return fare to Singapore costs Rs. 20,000 to Rs.26,000. Despite being a full service carrier, SilkAir is positioned lower than that of Singapore Airlines.

Meanwhile, Singapore Airlines has announced the introduction of low fare flights which will be introduced by next year. Till that time, SilkAir will continue to attract medium haul passengers to Singapore, as well as other destinations in South East Asia. Singapore Airlines will also continue to attract the long haul passengers.

An airline spokes person of SilkAir stated that the introduction of the SilkAir will offer customers the flexibility of flights between Kolkata and Singapore. SilkAir will be using the narrow body Airbus 320, which will offer two class configurations of business and economy.


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