Asia Bizz: Japanese automotive manufacturer, Mazda Motor Corporation has released the new version of Demio, which is the sub compact car in Japan. The new 2012MY Demio, which is also known as Mazda2 has a brand new engine which is known as 13-SKYACTIVE.

According to the new technology, in the updated model, the car has a new 1.3 litre direct injection gasoline engine, which has a suite of fuel saving technology. Another unique feature of the new Demio is its improved i-Stop feature.

The i-Stop is a start and stop feature. The company has also developed a system that monitors the movement of the steering, accelerators as well as break pedals, which is known as i-DM. The new system also monitors the speed of the vehicle and indicates the driver through a gauge and colored lights on the dashboard.

The company has said that the car also has the ability to calculate the driving skills of the driver, through stage 1, 2 and 3. As the driver progresses through the stages, the drivers can feel the improvement in their driving skills. Apart from the technologies the 2012 Demios will have improved body rigidity. With some more improvement in the rear tail lights and some external features, the Demio will be available between 1,149,000 yen and 1,621,750 yen.


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