Asia Bizz: US-based computer manufacturing company Hewlett-Packard has announced that the HP TouchPad will soon be going on sale from 1st July 2011. The announcement was made on Thursday that it will be available in the US markets for now.

The new HP TouchPad will be launched to compete with Apple’s popular iPad. According to a statement issued by HP, the TouchPad will be available in Canada by mid of July and then in Germany, Britain, Ireland and France a few days after the release of the TouchPad.

The company base in California has also added that the device will be available in the rest of the countries like New Zealand, Italy, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore and Spain later in the year 2011. The New TouchPad will be powered by the web Operating System which has been bought from Palm.

However, the version which will be available in the US will only have Wi-Fi. On the other hand Apple offers the Wi-Fi as well as the 3G versions of the iPad. HP has assured that it will be collaborating with AT&T to introduce the 3G version of the TouchPad.

The TouchPad will be available for $499.99 in the United States, while the 32 GB version will be available for $599.99.


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