Asia Bizz: The new high-speed railway between the most important cities in China, Beijing and Shanghai, will commence by the end of this month, the Chinese railway authorities said in a statement. The Vice Minister of the Railways Ministry, Hu Yadong had announced that the fares of the rail link between the two cities will range from 410 Yuan to 1,750 Yuan.

The fares will vary according to the speed and class of the train seat. The fastest travelling time to cover the 1,318 kms would be five hours or half of the current time, while the longest traveling time, would be little less than eight hours. The train will start at Beijing South Railway Station and will come to an end at the Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station.

The formal inauguration will be held on 1st July, which is also the 90th anniversary of the founding of the ruling Communist Party. Hu had also said that Beijing-Shanghai high speed railway is China’s own independent project.

Earlier, the minister had expressed his concerns over the illegal and dangerous businesses which are operating near the railway lines. But this time, Hu said that the railway was designed to ensure absolute safety and security. According to the earlier plans, the top operational speed was 350 kph, which was later cut down to 300 kph, after certain questions were raised about the safety of the railway.