Asia Bizz: After the announcement of the Nokia N9 handset, confusions have been spread regarding the availability of the handsets. Till now, Nokia had a strong fans base in India as well as some of the African countries and newer reports state that the handsets may not be available in certain Asian markets.

It has been noticed that the Nokia handsets receive a lot of response from the Indian and African countries due to the strong built of the phones and the trust on the company. But now certain reports have claimed that the new Nokia N9 will not be available in the markets of US, UK, India or African countries.

Nokia has a very strong hold on these market and the reports are indeed surprising. The non-availability in the US market makes sense as the company lacks carrier support in the country and it would take some time to get back the carrier support.

While talking about the Indian launch, there are possibilities that the company might follow a strategy of launching the phone after a few months of its launch in the other countries. Confusions about its availability still persist. Some of the reports have claimed that the phone will be available in India within a month.

The Noka N9 phone will be launched first in the Asian nations of China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, UAE, and Vietnam.


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