Asia Bizz: After the launch of the iPhone 4 which was priced quite high, customers who prefer to have a low range Apple phone were disappointed. Considering the disappointment of the Indian users, the company has now started to attract the mid-ranged customers by pricing the 8GB iPhone 3GS variant at Rs. 19,900.

Though the price of the iPhone 3GS may still not be less expensive, customers also have the choice of Google Nexus S. The new iPhone 3GS is an unlocked phone, in which the customers will have the option to use any SIM card.

The new 3GS has a 3.15 Mega Pixel Camera along with a 3.5” capacitive display with dimensions of 320 X 480. Moreover, the new iPhone has a 8GB of internal memory without an expandable memory slot, 600 MHz.

The connectivity features include a capacity of reaching speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps on 3G HSDPA. Overall, the choice of the handset depends on the preference of the customer. In case the user is looking for a multitasking handset, then the 3GS wouldn’t be the option. On the other hand, for a good battery life and access to the Apple’s App Store the Apple iPhone is the best deal for any tech-savvy Indian user.

But since this happens to be an Apple beauty which you could only otherwise buy for 30K+ INR, this phone is quite a steal for brand-conscious and loyal Apple fans.


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