Asia Bizz: The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) has revealed that tech giant IBM has been ranked as the number one company in India when rated on the number of super computers installed in the country. The Supercomputer Education and Research Centre (SERC) of IISc, has published and compiled ‘India’s Top Supercomputers list’ for the year 2011 which has IBM on the top.

The list was topped by the world-famous International Business Machines, thanks to its six high performance computing installations in India. The SERC had featured 16 installations in all, in which HP had grabbed the second spot with five installations, while SGI came in at the third spot with two systems.

Subram Natarajan, the IBM India/SA Executive (Deep Computing Systems and Technology Group), said that they are capable of delivering the most powerful and innovative high performance computing solutions to meet the most challenging problems of their business clients.

Natarajan added that the solutions then enable the businesses and researchers to make innovations for achieving breakthrough resultsm as well as to establish competitive advantage in a smarter planet — on the lines of IBM’s tagline.The most powerful installations of IBM include IISc, India Meteorological Department, Bangalore, Delhi, as well as the Indian National Centre for the Ocean Information Services based in Hyderabad.

2011 marks 100 years since the company came into existence in 1911.