Asia Bizz: In some good news for the women in India when it comes to security, a tech firm in Kochi named MindHelix Technologies LLP has launched a new smart phone application on Thursday. The app is called ‘Sentinel’ and is the first one for improving the security of the women — especially in the urban areas.

The application is free and sends e-mail and SMS alerts to several pre-configured numbers. Christin Emmanuel George, the co-founder and CEO of MindHelix Technologies LLP, said that the application was created keeping in mind the urban Indian women and the challenges faced by them.

The alerts that are sent to the pre-configured numbers will have the last known location, mode of transport, direction of travel and even vehicle number to the close friends and family. The application can be downloaded on the official website and can run on  smart phones with Symbian, Blackberry, Android, iPhone and Java Operating systems.

George added that the app has been released in view of the growing security concerns on citizens living in the urban areas. The application will help in sending quick alerts times of emergencies. The founder added that attempts would be made to send the emergency messages to the nearest police stations. According to a survey, more than 53 percent women feel insecure at their work places even if they reside in a metropolitan city.