Asia Bizz: Social networking giant Facebook has been reportedly acting strict in recent times. After the announcement of Project Spartan, the social network has started to shut down applications on the site.

Surprisingly, many of the apps of the site have been shut down without even notifying the developers. Mostly the smaller apps were targeted by the social network, which had more than 10,000 daily active users.

The apps like GoodReads, Photo Effect and Social Interview have been shut down by Facebook over the past few days. Reports say that none of the developers of the apps were notified before the drastic step was taken by the social network. Due to this move, the developers have shown their anger and criticism on Facebook itself and also Facebook forums. Some of the apps have been reinstated, but most of the apps have just vanished.

An engineer of Facebook – on explaining the shut down of the apps – has said that they are taking the user responses of the spams seriously. It also explained that they have been receiving a lot of user feedback in the past few weeks on the amount of application spam on their walls. This in turn resulted in negative feedback from the users. Facebook has apologized for the sudden action.


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