Asia Bizz: After a long delay, the Boeing 787 has finally landed at Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport in Japan after completing its first trans-Pacific journey. The new Boeing 787 will now be tested all this week along with All Nippon Airways while it prepares itself for its first commercial launch.

The Dreamliner 787 is even more fuel efficient and had landed at the Haneda Airport at Tokyo from Seattle on Sunday. A ‘Welcome to Japan’ banner was held by the workers as well as the flight attendants.

On the aircraft’s arrival, two fire trucks had even fired celebratory arches of fire as it approached the hangar and the ANA also streamed the arrival video on video streaming website Ustream, while it landed, . On Sunday afternoon, the video was viewed more than 37,000 times.

Even the pilot Masayuki Ishii, who was calm throughout the flight, became emotional when the aircraft had landed. Ishii added that everything was beyond his expectations and was moved by the gesture. The Boeing 787 was supposed to be delivered by May 2008 and had since then the delivery had been repeatedly delayed due to some development problems. The new aircraft is much lighter in weight due to composite material used instead of aluminum.


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