Asia Bizz: A popular game named Plants versus Zombies (PvZ), developed by the American-based game developer Popcap Games Inc is gaining popularity in China these days. The internet users are showing more and more interest in the game, while the developers are reportedly seeing a good future in the country for the game.

In an interview, the company said that they are completely dedicated in making innovative games and are also trying to conserve its core value. The company had spent almost two years in its preparation of it and launched the game in the largest Chinese social networking site (SNS) – which is dubbed as the Facebook of China.

The game was launched in June, while James Gwertman, the vice president of PopCap’s for Asia Pacific said that they had realized that that had to diversify their sources of income in China, based on their earlier experience of co-operating with Facebook.

James then added that they had made the move to launch the first global version of PvZ. The vice president even added that it is difficult to maintain a close relationship with SNS as most of the domestic sites have hardly any spontaneous growth, which depends on the marketing and promotion within the sites. The online version of the game is in beta phase, due to which the feedback was positive.


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