Asia Bizz: Chinese computer manufacturer Lenovo and NEC Corp had announced the launch of the NEC Lenovo Japan Group on Monday. The group will become the largest PC provider of Japan.

Some recent analysis has revealed that the new group will cover nearly 25% of the PC market in Japan. Along with the market cover, the group will also have a strong presence in the commercial as well as government sector.

The NEC Lenovo Japan Group will make the best use of the expertise of NEC, while Lenovo would provide some great value to the users as well as the partners in Japan; which offer competitive and innovative products along with high standards.

Yang Yuanqing, the CEO of Lenovo has said that they are proud to announce the launch of the NEC Lenovo Japan Group. Yang said that after the announcement of the joint venture in the month of January, they have been extensively engaged in talks with NEC. The CEO added that the joint venture was planned for the mutual growth and make the foundation stronger for offering higher quality products as well as more innovative products. Yang said that the company his fully committed to the Japanese market and are determined to expand the PC business in Japan.

The new alliance between these two will lead to 3 new companies under the newly formed NEC Lenovo Japan Group- the Lenovo NEC Holdings B.V., NEC Personal Computers Ltd, and Lenovo Japan Ltd.


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