Asia Bizz: In some good news for the local commuters in the capital city New Delhi, India, the auto-rickshaws in the city will soon be equipped with GPS systems. More than 250 rickshaws roaming on the streets of the city will be installed with GPS from SatNav by the end of this week.

The GPS devices will be connected to the government server, which would help in monitoring the auto-rickshaws and their journeys. The drivers would be monitored on the grounds of taking the best and the shortest route for the commuters.

The new system will also keep a check on the rude behavior of the drivers with the passengers and the female passengers. The system is expected to help in monitoring the safety of the female passengers and will also keep a track on the offenders.

Another safety feature that has been added to the system is a panic button, which can be pressed by the female passenger incase if they find the driver suspicious. The panic button will raise an alarm and will alert the police in case of a danger. By the end of this month, the device will be installed in more than 55,000 rickshaws. The move has been taken in view of the safety of the passengers in the city and after repeated reports of people going missing after taking public transportation.