Asia Bizz: As the cost of the energy is increasing day by day in several Asian countries – like India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Thailand among others – it is making it exceedingly difficult for the common man to maintain the monthly budget. Nowadays, people tend to use several electric-powered appliances at home in order to make the chores easier, but convenience comes at a huge price – your inflated electricity bill. If you are banging your head against the wall trying to find a solution to this problem, we have a few simple tips that you can use to cut save money on your electricity bills.

1. Stop energy wastage – You have to make a decision to consciously stop wasting power first. Make sure that the lights, fans, TV, AC etc. are switched off when you leave a room. Unplug mobile chargers and laptop battery chargers after use. In the night, it is advisable to turn off modems that are not being used – not only from an energy point of view, but there are also reported health issues associated with it.

2. Clean filters of air conditioners – A dirty filter in the air conditioner makes the appliance consume a lot more energy than before. Make sure that you clean the filter regularly, so that the AC not only consumes less energy but at the same time, will also help in maintaining the health of your family members.

3. Use compact fluorescent lights – Instead of regular light bulbs and tube lights, you can opt for compact fluorescent lights (CFL) which consume less energy. The bulbs tend to be a bit expensive, but contribute a lot towards savings on your monthly electric bill.

4. Switch off the main plug of your TV – Make sure that you turn off the main switch of the television set before you retire to bed. If it is left on standby the whole night, the TV set continues to absorb energy and increases the energy units consumed. The same goes with music decks, desktop computers, printers, and geysers.

5. Fill the places from where air leaks – While using air conditioners at home, make sure that you block all holes and air leaks, especially around the windows. This will ensure that the AC does not go into overdrive to keep the room cool.

The power to keep your energy bill within limits is all in your hands. Switching off equipment when it’s not in use or not needed and also ensuring that all the electrical points in your house have proper earthing and are not faulty, will help in a big way to ensure that too much electricity is not consumed.