Asia Bizz: Social networking giant Facebook, is reportedly looking at the growing privacy concerns in the world and has decided to hire a policy expert in India. Currently, there are more than 25 million active users in the Asian country, and a huge load of complaints regarding privacy settings on the popular network.

The social network is right now lagging behind Google. All internet giants are aware of the lucrative internet market in the country but the only problem that is faced are the regulatory hurdles, lack of awareness among the government departments and misinterpreted features.

Due to this issue, Google was asked to stop collecting the images of the streets for the much awaited Street View service by the authorities in Bangalore last month, due to security reasons. Slowly, the companies are realizing that it is essential to have a liason with the government to make sure that they are marching towards the right goal.

Pawan Duggal, a lawyer specializing in IT laws and internet, has said that the corporate are realizing the importance of the policy development as it also sensitizes the government for the potential requirements of the sector. The companies who are in possession of the third party data are now being scanned by the government. However, when Eton was contacted, the officials at the public relations handling the Facebook in India said that none of the officials were available for comment.


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