Asia Bizz: Electronic devices manufacturing company Casio India has launched its new hybrid data projector. The projector has three major features and the company claims that it is the world’s first Mercury lamp free projectors.

Currently, the company retails 17 other models in the Indian market. However, Casio believes that the new range of projectors will have a different edge.

The features of the mercury free Standard model projectors include, ANSI lumen up to 3000. It also has number of technological advancements that can serve to a large range of users.

Something that makes the projector stand out is that they it tends to be compatible to 3D content. The standard model also has a DLP 3D content on to a screen. The users of the projector can enjoy the high impact 3D stereoscopic images with the help of 3D glasses.

The projector also comes well equipped with wireless LAN function along with MobiShow compatibility and can also be connected via wireless to smart phones and other mobile devices.

The Standard series projectors will cost between, Rs. 66,995 and Rs. 99,995. The other range of the projector include, the pro-models and the Short Throw series. The price of the pro model ranges between Rs. 1,19,995 and Rs. 1,34, 995.