Asia Bizz: After the triple terror blasts that had rocked Mumbai, India on 13th July 2011, the phone networks were reported to have been jammed. Several anxious people were trying to reach out their friends and family to know about their well being. In such a situation, social networking sites had come to the rescue of many people.

Facebook and Twitter were the major websites which was used by the population of Mumbai to find help and also to know about the whereabouts of the friends and family members. One of the college students had said that she was trying to contact her friends but was not able to do so.

She had then logged in to Facebook and was relieved, when she saw all her friends online. The social network was much better for the people to reach out to others instead of jamming the phone network.

A spreadsheet was made with a long list of people who are willing to offer a lift, or donate blood or offer a place to stay, and uploaded on Twitter. Moreover, a blog was also started in the year 2005, Mumbai Help, which was updated with useful contact details. With the help of the social network many people were offered lifts to those who could not get taxis and accommodation.


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