Asia Bizz: With the growing concerns of the security in the Union Territory of Chandigarh, India, motor vehicles will now have to switch to the high security registration number plates. The implementation of the security plates will start from 1st August 2011 onwards for the new vehicles.

The notification of the implementation of the High Security Registration Plates in the UT of Chandigarh was announced by the home department on Monday. The spokesman of the home secretary, Ram Nivas, said that the new scheme will come in to force from 1st August in case of the new vehicles.

Niwas added that as far as the cars that have been already registered, it will be the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle to get their vehicles registered under the scheme within two years from 1st August 2011. The ones who have already registered, can get their new plates by 1st August 2013.

The new registration plate will be installed at the front and the rear portion of the vehicle. The vehicle owners have to be responsible to get their vehicle registered from any of the eligible vendors. Those who do not get their vehicle registered in the given time will be eligible for action under the Motor Vehicle’s Act 1988.


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