Asia Bizz: A website for the Chevrolet Beat Diesel car has been launched by General Motors. The Beat has finally made an arrival in the Indian car markets.

General Motors have christened the car as ‘The Smart Diesel’, which will reportedly be the cheapest diesel hatchback in India. A punch line on the website says, ‘Leave behind the worries of petrol costs, ignore the long queries at fuel stations, pass by every milestone on the road as the new Beat Diesel is here.’

Indian families are nowadays looking forward to a good and economic hatchback. With the rising prices of the petrol, the demand for the diesel cars has now increased in the market and the Chevrolet Beat Diesel car is a perfect match.

Till now the diesel cars have been expensive because of the manufacturing costs of the cars. But, the new Chevrolet Beat is expected to be low on cost compared to the other diesel cars in the market. The engine of the Beat has been inspired by the Fiat and even the size has been reduced to 937 cc. This feature will help to make the car even average friendly. The built of the car also aids in easy gliding of the car in the crowded urban areas.

The Chevrolet Beat website that has been launched allows the customers to fill some personal details, after which the sales executive will get back after the car is launched.


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