Asia Bizz: A new innovative keyboard known as the Webbox will soon enter the Indian market. Vodafone India is preparing to bring the new keyboard, which was launched in South Africa in February this year.

Through the Webbox, Vodafone is planning to introduce affordable internet access in the competitive market, which will soon be introduced in India. The Webbox might actually look like a regular QWERTY keyboard, but the fact is that it is power packed with Android 2.1.

The keyboard has some hardware and an antenna that supports 2.5G networks as well as EDGE. The Webbox also allows the user to connect to your TV with the help of a standard RCA cable.

A unique UI has also been provided in the Webbox, which will also allows the user to browse the internet and that too with no extra set up. To use the keyboard, users have to first insert the Vodafone SIM card in the keyboard after which the internet will start running in no time on the TV. The other features of the Webbox includes Opera Mini browser, calendar, calculator, photo album, music player, FM radio, stop watch and a text editor. One can also send text messages and read emails.

The price of the Vodafone Webbox is expected to be Rs.5,500 to Rs 6,000.


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