Asia Bizz: Despite a loss reported earlier, Finnish mobile manufacturer, Nokia remains the producer of the highest number of cell phones worldwide. The company has sold the highest number of phones in the second quarter of the year 2011.

Nokia has left behind other competitors like Samsung and Apple. According to reports, in the second quarter the company sold 88.5 million phones. On the other hand, Samsung did not reveal the sales figures and said that the sales rise percent consists of a single digit compared to the previous quarters, which meant 77 million units.

Since the year 1996, Nokia has dominated the smart phone market segment. Currently, the Finnish company is at the third position. During the second quarter, Apple had sold most smart phones i.e 20.3 million units. This followed by a 19 million units by Samsung and 16. 7 million units by Nokia.

The Strategy Analytics Company had estimated that more than 361 million cell phones had been sold in the second quarter. In terms of volume, the Finnish company remains the number one phone producer in the world. However the sales of the company had reduced by 20 % compared to last year. Samsung had given a tough competition to Nokia.


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