Asia Bizz: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration today on Friday announced that they have found some evidence of flowing water on the planet Mars. NASA in a press conference had said that they had found some evidence of liquid water, which is a good sign of life on the planet.

With the help of the images collected by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, NASA had claimed the presence of flowing water in the planet. An image was released by NASA which had shown dark lines that form slopes in the spring and summer and then fade in winter.

With the help of the images, the scientists had give the idea that there must be some presence of salt in the water that lowers the temperature of the water as well as the sites. It has been presumed that the water must be salty as the oceans on the Earth.

The flow in the images seem dark and while talking about the dark images, McEwen said that the flows are not actually dark because of them being wet. It was concluded that it has now become a solvable mystery that might be solved with a few experiments and observations.


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