Asia Bizz: After the launch of Google’s new notebook, Chromebook, the search engine giant has geared up with a new marketing strategy. Google has recently added a new link on the search engine page, which leads the visitors to the Chromebook web page.

This is not the first time that the search engine has indulged in such advertising techniques. Earlier, in order to encourage the users to adopt the Chrome Browser, Google had added an ‘Add’ button on the search engine home page. The same strategy was adopted when they were marketing their Nexus One phone in the market. Critics say that such strategies of the company had proved fruitful for the products that were being advertised.

Hopefully, this move will be a boon for the new platform of Chrome. Meanwhile, some of the media reports have said that the product is not really suitable for business purposes. Google’s operating system, which is based on the Chrome Browser, can run web applications which do not need any Apple’s of Microsoft’s OS. The good part is that the Chromebook has a long battery life that can last from six to eight hours of normal use, while most of the other notebooks last for just two to three hours.


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