Asia Bizz: Search engine giant Google has begun its Street View service at the Amazon river. Google is now trying hard to reach the remotest places in the world with the Street View.

The service will now photograph the Amazon river as well as Rio Negro river in the northwest of Brazil. The photographing is being carried out in partnership with the charity organization ‘Foundation for Sustainable Amazon’ (FAS).

Reports state that local people will be trained by Google to collect pictures. The company will then leave the equipment for the images to be collected. The images will then be joined together, so that the people would get a 360 degree view of the area.

Two years back, FAS had approached the search engine with plans to digitalize the images of the Amazon Basin in order to showcase the poor global sustainability efforts as well as the wide spread deforestation. The project leader of the FAS, Gabriel Ribenboim, has said that it has become very important to show the world the way of life of the traditional population. Meanwhile, it is a challenge for Google as the equipment were designed for the roads and not for the rivers.