Asia Bizz: A new service is being developed by Research In Motion Ltd. that would allow smart phone users to subscribe to music. According to reports, those who are closely associated with the development of the service have said that it would be designed to work with the BlackBerry Messenger of RIM.

It has reportedly been named as ‘BBM Music’ and that the service might be launched by next week. The new service will allow the users to access 50 songs at a time, which they can listen on their smart phones.

Moreover, the users can also share it with the other subscribers through the BlackBerry Messenger. RIM has claimed that the BlackBerry Messenger has 45 million users.

The spokesperson of RIM had refused to comment on the new music service. Till now, the price of the new service is yet to be determined but people from the industry have said that it would be tentatively be less than the Rhapsody and Spotify AB. It has also been said that the new service does not intend to compete with Apple’s iTunes or Spotify. The developers just aim to allow the youngsters to customize their phones and share the tracks with their friends.


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