Asia Bizz: Computer and mobile manufacturing giant Apple may soon plan to launch a cheaper iPhone 4. The company may take the decision in order to compete with best selling companies like Nokia and Microsoft, specially in the markets like China.

Reuters new agency has said that the company is currently in talking terms with some of the Chinese mobile operators. There are chances that the cheaper iPhone 4 may roll out in the upcoming weeks.

Till now, Apple has targeted the premium end of the consumers in the mobile market. But now the company will also be trying its hand with the cheaper models.

There are also chances that the company might bring down the prices of the existing models in order to introduce the latest product in the market. The model that is expected to be released soon would feature 8 GB of internal storage.

Meanwhile the iPhone 5 may be launched this autumn. Till now a lot has been discussed on the internet about its features and working. It is said that it will come with a bigger touch screen and 8 megapixel camera. Ben Wood, an analyst with the CCS, has said that Apple has till now maintained an eye watering margin on which the rivals can just look on.


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