Asia Bizz: The CEO of the American company Apple, Steve Jobs, has resigned from the multinational corporation on 24th August 2011. After the resignation of Jobs, a lot has been spoken about the CEO and it has also been viewed as a major twist for the company in terms of administration.

After Jobs had announced his medical leave on January 17th, Tim Cook has been running the company on a day to day basis. Cook has even run the company in the year 2009 for some time, but the company was still intact and did not collapse.

One thing has to be made clear is that Steve Jobs does not intend to leave Apple. Jobs will remain as the Chairman of the Board of director and will remain an Apple employee. The same was clear from the resignation letter of the CEO.

Jobs has quit the job due to health reasons, but now he does not have to work like before as a CEO. Steve said that he has always said that if a day comes when he would no longer be able to meet his duties as Apple’s CEO then he would be the first one to tell. In the year 2004, the CEO was treated for a rare form of pancreatic cancer and is currently undergoing treatment.


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