Asia Bizz: American multinational electronic commerce company Amazon is all set to launch its much awaited tablet by the end of September or October 2011. The news is that the tablet will be way cheaper than the popular Apple iPad.

The tablet will reportedly be based on a customized version of the Android operating system of Google. This is considered as a major threat for the iPad, as Amazon is following the same plan that it did with the world famous Kindle.

It is planning to sell the device at a loss in order to boost the sales. Amazon is currently working on the entry level, as well as the high end models.

The details of the products will be revealed by the company in the upcoming weeks. Some of the reports have said that the tablet may cost less than the $499 entry level iPad 2. The plan to launch the tablet computer was leaked in the month of May. It has also been said that Amazon will launch two devices this year. It is planning to launch the dual core Coyote and the high end quad core Hollywood. It was also indirectly hinted by the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos that the company is launching the tablet PCs.


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