Asia Bizz: After Germany, Australia has become the next company where Apple has managed to prevent the release of the controversial Galaxy Tab 10.1. The tablet PC could not be released as per schedule due to the injunction filed by Apple in terms of the patent dispute.

The tablet was supposed to be launched on 12th September in Australia, but a statement was released on Monday by Samsung which said that the tablet will not be released before 30th September 2011. The statement said that the company has agreed to delay the release of the tablet due to the pending decision of the court next week.

The statement further added that the court has not issued any order against the sales of the tablet and no ruling was made during 29th August’s hearing. Earlier, the American company had convinced the judge that the Samsung’s tablet had infringed various elements of the iPad 2 of Apple.

Due to this incident, the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet was delayed. During this time the Australian counsel of Samsung had said that Apple had claimed on the basis of the US model, after which Samsung had agreed to hand over Apple several models of the Australian prototype.


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