Asia Bizz: Indian car drivers will soon get a new companion in their cars that will help them to reach to their destinations. A new gadget called the CarPad was recently launched by ‘Map My India’ especially for the cars.

The gadget helps the driver to navigate with the help of an electronic map, which is installed in the car. The CarPad works on Wi-Fi system and a voice from the gadget instructs the driver.

The driver who is using the gadget will feel as if somebody is there in the car Nd is instructing the driver with proper navigation. It is a 3D tablet which will help the driver to navigate through the road.

It looks like a normal tablet PC and the manufacturers have claimed that it is the first 3D tablet that will help the drivers to navigate. The users of the CarPad can also access mail through the gadget and can also click pictures.

The CarPad also has Bluetooth connectivity. The other features of the CarPad includes earphone connectivity, USB, radio and has a full touch screen function with a screen size of 800 X 480.

The price of the unique gadget in the Indian market is Rs. 23,000.


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