Asia Bizz: After the announcement that the production of the TouchPad of HP would be stopped, the company had sold the tablets at cut price. New reports state that the company has announced that it would sell more TouchPads.

HP said that it will be manufacturing limited amount of the TouchPads which will run on the WebOs during the fourth fiscal quarter 2011, that will end on 31st October 2011. The pricing of the tablets will depend on the individual retailer.

The news of the TouchPad going on sale again has come out after the consumers had tried to reach out to buy the HP tablet at cut price, so that the tabs sell out straight away. The spokesman of HP, Mark Budgell, has said that they had announced the end of the production of the TouchPad, but have decided to run the production of the WebOS based tab one last time.

Budgell, added that they have taken the decision so as to meet the unfulfilled demands. It was also said by the spokesman that the they are unable to announce, when the new set of tablets would be made available and could not even assure that all of them would be able to have them.


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