Asia Bizz: The white version of the popular Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone is finally out on sale. The South Korean company has finally managed to get the phone on sale without any interference or threat by Apple.

It was earlier thought that Apple would also interfere with the release of the white version of the Galaxy S II smartphone. The managing director of Samsung, Simon Stanford, said that the smartphone was a hit among the users in the market.

Stanford added that they had always intended to offer a range of different products for different consumers. The company stated that they are now delighted to release the Android smartphone in the UK in black as well as white color.

The release of the white version of Galaxy S II comes as a surprise, as Apple already has a white iPhone and has not yet launched legal action against it.

While Samsung is focusing on not missing any opportunity to release its products in the market before any legal action hampers the release. Meanwhile, online retailers like and are reportedly looking forward to new stock.


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