Asia Bizz: Japanese electronic giant Sony has unleashed a prototype of its new Walkman-based phone that is powered by Google’s Android OS. The new Walkman phone, which was unveiled on Wednesday, has been built especially for music lovers who also want to have an Android phone.

(Credit: Stephen Shankland/CNET)

Engineer Shinichiro Torii, in an interview at the IFA electronics show, has said that the phone has been designed by music lovers for ardent music lovers. The new smartphone is very different from all the other Walkman phones of the company.

The phone can have the ability to run thousands of Android applications available till date. The new phone will also be a competitor for the iPod Touch of Apple and also many other smartphones in the market.

The prototype is called the ‘Walkman Mobile Entertainment Player’, which comes with several music based features, in addition to a range of specific controls. The new smartphone is expected to become a benchmark among the other products of Sony. Sony has said that the device will have the best sound quality of the Walkman line. The other features include a specific W button on the device which will give a direct access to music even if the phone is locked.


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