Asia Bizz: Porsche has a royal reputation of building drop-end sports cars for ages and it’s reputation for expensive cars in world famous.

During the period of the previous decade, the German-based company launched an SUV called the Cayenne and today it has a record of producing the most number of SUV’s of a single model. The rate chart starts at £46,000 and its one of the most sensible SUV’s that the nouveau riche can buy in Europe.

Under the bonnet of the Cayenne Diesel 2011, one can find a V6 3.0ltr diesel engine that pumps around 242bhp, apparently sounds quite less in terms of a Porsche. A 0-62mph sprint is completed in a mere 7.6 secs, quite fast for an SUV, it returns an impressive 39mpg on an average ride of the highway and city.

Once you drive this SUV, it gives a pristine feeling of a big car, so comfortable and easy to negotiate there are no regrets for purchasing it. To those who are used to the feeling of the car, the Cayenne is not too different, rather its just bigger. A complete fuel tank would provide an unusually long range of 600 miles, something that should bring smiles on the faces of this 4X4 owner.


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