Asia Bizz: Auto giant Honda Motor Co. has stated that it will be recalling 3,00,000 of its Pilot sports utility vehicles that were manufactured between 2009 and 2011. The SUVs have been called back to check the front seat belts, which could get disconnected in case of a crash.

Such a case can be risky and increase the chances of injury. The Japanese company has said that there is a possibility of a manufacturing error in the assembly of the vehicles.

The stitching connection of the lap section of the belt, which connects the outboard anchor webbing can be missing or even incomplete in some cars. Fortunately, there are no reports of injuries or death that have been reported due to the defect.

Honda has also said that it would be calling 1 million cars worldwide, out of which 1,00,000 cars are from the United States. The company has also recalled 80,000 CR-V SUVs of the 2006 model year, to replace the power window switch. Moreover, 5,626 CR-Z small hybrids of the 2011 model have been called back by Honda in US. These cars have been installed with manual transmissions and have to go through a software update, which controls the hybrid electric motor. The company has said that if the problem was not rectified, then the car can suddenly roll backward.


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